A CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to #InvestInOurFuture—Multilingual Learners

A CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to #InvestInOurFuture—Multilingual Learners

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New York State has failed to prioritize funding for Multilingual Learners, formerly known as English Language learners, for decades, leaving this already vulnerable population of students without the educational supports they most desperately need.  It is time that Multilingual Learners (MLLs) are no longer an afterthought when the legislature and executive create and negotiate NYS’ budget.

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In a report drafted by the Latino Education Advocacy Directors Coalition (LEAD Coalition), it details the striking differences in achievement between MLLs and their English speaking peers.

As the graphs above demonstrate, the graduation rates of MLLs are just a fraction of the graduation rate of all students.  In 2017, the four-year MLL graduation rate was 27% as compared to 80% four-year graduation rate of all students. 

What is worse is that four-year MLL dropout rate of 30% was higher than the four-year graduation rate.  Drop-out rates should never be higher than graduation rates, and to accept anything less is actively contributing to the disenfranchisement of all non-English speaking communities in New York State.  These numbers clearly demonstrate that education for MLLs is in a state of crisis and how paramount immediate action is for this group of students.

The LEAD Coalition has put together a list of funding and policy priorities that will help close the achievement gap for MLLs, and that the Hispanic Federation fully supports. A few of the top funding priorities listed on the LEAD Coalitions website, include the following:

  • Earmark Foundation Aid Funding for Multilingual Learners

  • Increase the Number of Certified English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) & Bilingual Education (BE) Teachers in General and in Special Education Settings

  • Fund a Targeted Initiative to Increase Graduation Rates for MLLs

  • Provide Additional Academic Supports for Multilingual Learners

  • Increase Parent Information and Outreach in Home Languages

  • Increase Socio-Emotional Supports of Multilingual Learners

  • Form a New York State Commission to Advance the Achievement of Multilingual Learners (To support this bill: S.4031)  

  • Increase Investment in Pre-K to Meet the Needs of Multilingual Learners

As the video above states, imagine what would happen if multilingual learners were given the support they need. These students are the future of New York States workforce, future members of the legislature, future business owners, and are a segment of the population who will be tasked with managing the world once many of us our gone. It would be a disservice to the state, the country, and ourselves to not invest in Multilingual Learners. 

TAKE ACTION, show your support, and place pressure on our states’ leaders to devote the appropriate funding for the educational advancement of MLLs, by signing the petition to urge the fulfillment of the Invest In Our Future Agenda for Multilingual Learners. Help the Hispanic Federation gain support for theses initiatives by clicking the icon below and sign the petition today!



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