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President's Message: 2020 Census

The battle over Census 2020 is on. What’s at stake? Political power and economic investment in our communities for a generation or more. While the White House is attempting to reduce the response rate of immigrants and people of color, our states have an opportunity to set a national example of how to get the most accurate count possible. Read more…

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Providing Hope and Shelter to Migrant Families

With thousands of migrants fleeing increasing violence and poverty in Central America and the Trump administration doubling-down on its campaign to make migrants’ lives more difficult, Hispanic Federation has partnered with Alianza Americas to launch a transnational program to help migrant children and families staying in shelters in Mexico. Read more…


Fighting for Puerto Rico…still

A year and a half has passed since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The nation’s attention may have moved on to other issues, but not ours. Hispanic Federation’s advocacy efforts on behalf of the island and its residents are still going strong and are more important than ever. Read more…


Brent Wilkes Joins HF Leadership Team

For more than three decades, Brent Wilkes has been one of the most recognizable and respected leaders for Latinos and the advancement of civil rights in the nation. Now, he’s bringing his talents to Hispanic Federation. We’re excited to welcome him to our team and we know you will be too. Read more…

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Closing the Educational Gap for Multilingual Learners

There are nearly a quarter million Multilingual Learners in New York State. Their numbers are growing. But too many of these students are not being served well by our school system. HF and the LEAD Coalition are leading a statewide campaign to change that and give this vital group of students the resources and support they need to succeed. Read more. ..


HF Statement on Trump’s National Emergency Declaration

“By consistently equating undocumented people and those who are migrating to our nation as bad people to be feared and loathed, the President is legitimizing hate and acts of cruelty towards a vulnerable class of people. By manufacturing a national emergency to achieve his political aims, the President has also laid bare his disdain for our democracy. These two facts ought to terrify every American.”  Read the full statement.

A CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to #InvestInOurFuture—Multilingual Learners

A CALL TO ACTION: Sign the Petition to #InvestInOurFuture—Multilingual Learners